Sunday, July 4, 2010

Married Life!

So Darrell and I were married last week on June 25th at the beautiful Provo City Library. Pictures are coming soon! We moved into our house in Spanish Fork the following Sunday. So far we've just been shopping for fun house stuff and starting our food storage (go mormons!). We've been having lots of fun, even though I think I broke my coccyx :( Darrell has been playing with the Utah Baseball Academy again this summer and is on the Dodgers team. If you're ever by the U, stop by for a game.
This fall I will be at BYU and Darrell will either be at BYU or UVU, depending on who offers him a spot on their baseball teams. Personally, I'd like him to go to BYU so i have someone to carry my books and walk me to class :)
Our new facebook is under the name Darrell n Katrina Brown so friend us!

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